Big News!!

Senior cat goes from homeless to star of a children’s book

 Exciting  news! Our friends over at Best Friends Animal Society have written a  wonderful article on Steve: a Shelter Cat! They're an amazing No-Kill  shelter, and the place the real life "Steve" called home.  

" When Cori and Christopher first saw a cat named Houdini on the Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Los Angeles website, they were drawn to a photo of him cuddling with his favorite stuffed bunny.

The adorable photo was enough for Cori and Christopher to want to  meet him in person. They had their hearts set on choosing a cat who  really needed them — maybe an overlooked senior. Houdini, so-named  because he’s a master hider, checked all the boxes. At eight years  young, he’d been at the center a bit longer than most of the other cats..."

To read the complete article, click the link below!!!